Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Surprise Surprise....

In life there are things that make us feel good.  Really good.  And some of these things are healthy.  Some of them are harmful.  Some of them may have no adverse or positive impact.  They just are what they are.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Be it music, alcohol, crack, sex, your child, a hobby...  And there are times in everyone's lives that they may be more apt to partake in whatever it is that makes them feel good.  Some people have an internal alarm that tells when something feels too good.  When they need to ease up a bit.  I believe that I for one have a fairly good alarm.  I've been able to experiment with a large variety of things that make me feel good and know when to stop.  I like to have a drink or two.  I believe I know when to stop (although some(one) may feel differently).  I don't drink to the point where I'm throwing up, or can't walk.  And when things seem to feel REALLY GOOD, I know there is something that just isn't right. 

There may be times in your life that you NEED to feel good though.  When shit is FUCKED up and you just need to feel better for a minute (crack), for and hour (sex), for a morning (church...).  Church....  Church is great.  It feels good, to know that God loves you.  It feels good to hear that beautifully dressed women with that fancy hat with the rhinestones, and feathers, and baby’s breath and stuff tell you that "Jesus loves you and so do I....".  It feels good stand and clap your hands and sing along joyfully with the choir about "What a friend we have in Jesus"

I always went to church as a kid. After Sunday school went to the corner store and got some now'or'laters before the sermon, drew pictures on the programs, ran around with the Pastor's kids.  All of that.  As I got older and had a child I figured, “It’s only right that he be raised with a church home.  So I went.  And it would feel good. And I sang in the choir and it felt good.  And I left feeling hopeful.  Like I could make it through the week. 

I don't go now. (which is a story for another day)

There are some people that were not raised in the church.  And they start going...  And they feel SO GOOD.  It's all so new! 

This acceptance FEELS GOOD!
This forgiveness FEELS GOOD!
This hopefulness FEELS GOOD!
And they are a part of something THAT FEELS GOOD!

And the church is growing and it FEELS GOOD!
And pay your tithes and that FEELS GOOD!
And you get a raise!  It's coming back! and it FEELS GOOD

And the church grows, and the members grow, and boy does this FEEL GOOD

And that Pastor sure is smart!  What he tells you every Sunday FEELS GOOD.

And Pastor SoAndSo said this, and Pastor SoAndSo said that.  His message sure did make the congregation FEEL GOOD

And every Sunday you get your envelope and you put your money in there an Pastor SoAndSo tells you

Bring you all the tithes into the storehouse, that there be meat in my house and prove to me now herewith, said the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

And you DO!  And it FEELS GOOD!  You put your money in that plate or that basket and it FEELS GOOD.

Now mind you I am not saying Church is bad. Nor am I saying that tithing is bad.  It's all good.  Good Good Good.  What I'm saying is, when you get people that need to feel good and they bring in more folks that need to feel good.  And you have a pastor that likes to make people feel good, that knows what to say to make people feel good.  And those people don't have that alarm to tell them when that good feels too good and they are giving MORE and MORE and MORE to get MORE blessings and to FEEL BETTER, you end up...

With situations like this...

Gotta go get Mini! BYE~

Out of the shadows!

Hey!  So this is my first post as me!  Megan.  Hopefully I have the usual suspects I'm sure you all know who you are and the rest of my followers from before.  I've decided to make the other blog private and still update it from time to time so if you still want the messyness and I haven't given you access just send a request.  I'll let you in!

So now that nothing is a secret..

So this is me.  Megan.