Friday, October 1, 2010

Bag Lady

Remember when renting designer bags was all popular. It was around the time of the first Sex In the City movie. You'd pay some ridiculous membership fee to rent bags you couldn't afford to actually own. Kind of like the payday loans of designer bags. And you prance around looking all fabulous and folks are like "Damn, keisha is doing her thing. She always has a hot new bag. I wanna work where she works. I didn't know McDonalds was hooking their employees up like that!" And folks are paying you compliments and you're all "thanks girl!" When you know you gotta put that bag in the prepaid return package tomorrow before you get charged extra...

Sometimes my life makes me feel like I'm walking around with a rented bag. Its all good when your out and the bag looks good and feels good and people are admiring your bag. But when you get home and have to empty its contents into your Issak Mizrahi for Target bag it kind of sucks...


  1. I can agree with that! i feel the same way...i walk around and smile to the compliments but go home empty the bag and reality hits me....

  2. lol..i feel this way sometimes and i don't even have no purse.

    it's just life. life sucks donkey balls sometimes. not that we should take for granted we're breathing and walking around and shit. just saying. it's so easy to get lost in your own shuffle. just gotta keep it moving. shake & bake..ricky bobby baby..(i know it makes no sense..but it sounds cool)

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