Sunday, October 3, 2010

Birthday Cake And a Little Weed

I went to a birthday party for one of my best friend Echo's daughter yesterday. Her nephew was there and he was so funny.
We were outside talking

Nephew: I've only been home a month
Me: Yeah? How long were down for?
Nephew: 9 years
Me: Damn! 9 years
Nephew: yeah I thought those pigs were never gonna let me out. Yeah that's why I stay out of the streets now. You know... I ain't fuckin with the streets no more. I'm bout to go to this party with my spanish shorty, sell the rest of this weed I got, then go collect from what I got on the blocks...

Ha! Priceless... I must have given him that Scooby Doo WTF?! look cause he was like "I mean weed is just like a ticket.. I don't sell no metal shit like coke or nothing"
I was just like "yeah I feel you". Lol!

He was mad funny though. He kept trying to give me a foot massage.

I let him have my number just for entertainment purposes. He must have sent me like 8 pictures in 10 minutes! Pictures of him at the checkout at the 7-11... I don't know what else I didn't even open them!
Then I realize earlier that day I was on the phone with another friend. Her phone kept beeping with incoming calls but she was just ignoring them. Them finally she tells me to hold on. She comes back annoyed. "This nigga keeps calling back to back. When I didn't answer the first times obviously I was on an important call! Damn!" I ask "did he even have something to say?" "No!" she says "Echo's nephew! I gave him my number and now he calls like crazy!"

Ha! He's still funny as shit though

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  1. lol...echo's nephew pimping. say what you want. he got all yall numbers..smh