Friday, October 1, 2010

In regards to "The Other Blog"

Hey Yous,

I haven't been updating because the only person who's email address I had to send an invite to was ICE.  So if you want me to send an invite to you just email me. and I'd be more than happy to invite you unless I feel like there is some reason I feel there is some shady strangeness going down.  I wish there was a way to just accept all the current followers cause then I'd just do that ya'know?  So much easier.  Oh well.  Hit me up with the email that you use for blogger so I can add you! 

If y'all don't then there really is no reason for me to write on it.  And that would be sad....for me at least.

To my previous followers...  I paid attention to you all.  Meaning if you followed me, I would go and check you out too and most likely follow as well as long as you were posting regularly.  So that means if you followed I "know" you so don't be shy about sending a request. 

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  1. i'm closed it up cause you getting naked now? cause if so...i'm sending my request right